Quick Start Step 3: View Your Results

Once your DNA file has been uploaded to your account, it's time to get to the good stuff: your results! 

Your results come in the form of Health Reports and Trait Reports. These reports are the interpretation of your raw DNA file.

Health Reports are health-related reports. They provide a risk score for different health conditions, and when applicable, offer diet, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations for improving your health.

Trait Reports look at how your DNA influences your traits. 

Here are instructions for accessing your Health Reports:

1. Please log in to your SelfDecode account. 

2. Select DNA > Health Reports from the top of the screen.

3. On this page, you'll see all of your Summary DNA Health Reports! We recommend starting with your Introductory Report. 

Then, you can move onto the Summary Report that most interests you. For example, if you're interested in focusing on cognitive health, the Brain Summary Report is a great place to start!

4. Within your summary reports, you can select individual DNA reports too! Head to the Details tab to learn more about the topic:

5. Here you can see which health conditions you have a greater genetic risk for, then you can learn more about them. We've summarized the key takeaways for you, but you can also view the individual DNA Report too. Just select View "Health Topic" Report to open it up:

5. Your report will open in a new tab. 

** NOTE ** Most of your Health Reports should already be generated, but if our team has added a new report or updated one with new information, you will need to click Generate Report. Keep in mind, it's normal for a report to take a few hours to generate, since we are parsing through a massive amount of data to generate these reports for you.

The good news is that you only need to generate each report one time! We recommend selecting the Generate All option at the top of the report overview page, whenever you see it. That way all of your reports begin to generate in the background.

Here are instructions for accessing your Trait Reports:

1. Please log in to your SelfDecode account

2. Select  DNA > Traits from the top of the screen. 

3. On this page, you can scroll down through the Trait Reports or you can use one of the search/filter options provided. 

4. Once you find the Trait Report you want to view, click anywhere on the card to open the report.

Your Trait Reports should already be generated, but if they aren't for some reason, you may need to click Generate Report and wait for it to generate. It usually only takes a few minutes, but it may take a few hours.

5. Your report will open in a new tab.

The reports will probably keep you busy for a while, but when you're ready for more, move on to Quick Start Step 4!

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