Can SelfDecode Diagnose Me?

The information provided by SelfDecode is not in any way a diagnosis. It is simply meant to empower you with more information about how your genes may potentially impact your health.

SelfDecode, as with any direct-to-consumer genomic service, is unable to diagnose you. We help you learn more about your genetic health risks and offer personalized recommendations to counteract the risks. We also tell you which genes you have that are associated with certain conditions and symptoms based on scientific research.

Because there are other variables that will influence the emergence of certain conditions, genes alone are not enough to diagnose a condition. Many people are at high risk for diseases and conditions they never get. 

There are other factors, including lifestyle, environment, and overall health, that play an important role in determining how your genetic risks manifest in your life. Genetics is just one piece of the puzzle. This is where the beauty of SelfDecode begins. By understanding what genetic conditions you are most at risk for and why you are at risk for them, you are able to take your destiny into your own hands by modifying your diet, lifestyle, and supplement action plan to avert the expression of such genes. 

So don't feel too intimidated by the information. Instead, use this information to empower your health and awareness!

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