Quick Start Step 2: Upload a DNA File

Once you've set up your SelfDecode account, it's time to get your DNA file uploaded so you can start exploring!

If you've purchased a SelfDecode DNA test kit, you can skip this step. Simply wait for your results to be ready (we'll email you), and then you can move on to Quick Start Step 3. Please do not attempt to upload a DNA file to your account, as it will block your SelfDecode results from being uploaded. 

You can also complete Quick Start Step 4 while you wait for your results.

Here are the instructions for uploading your DNA file to SelfDecode:

1. Get your raw DNA file from the service where you had your DNA tested. 

Here are instructions for obtaining your raw DNA file from Ancestry and 23andMe. Most companies have instructions for obtaining your raw DNA file from their website. A quick Google search is usually helpful, too. If you're stumped, you can always reach out to their customer support team.

2. Log in to your SelfDecode account. You will automatically be brought to your dashboard. Select  Upload DNA File.

3. Click Browse and select your raw DNA file from your computer, then select the name of the service you had your DNA analyzed with from the dropdown menu. Click Upload File.

4. While you wait for your DNA file to scan, please take a few minutes to complete our questionnaire! This allows us to customize your experience of the site. Something to note is that your answers will not cause us to hide any information from you. It just helps us prioritize what to show you first. 

You'll see a window pop up with Decody, our AI partner. Please click Let's Go to start the questionnaire.

When you're finished with the questionnaire, click Finish and you'll be taken to your account.

4. Wait for your DNA file to finish scanning on your dashboard. It's normal for your file to scan for a couple of hours, as we're parsing through up to 83 million genetic variants! We'll send you an email when your analysis is complete, and then you're ready to move on to Quick Start Step 3

If you're having any problems with uploading your raw DNA file, please email us and we'll be happy to assist! You can reach us at support@selfdecode.com.

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