What other companies do you accept DNA Files from?

Here is a list of companies that we have found to be compatible with SelfDecode:

  • 23AndMe
  • Ancestry
  • Atlas
  • Circle DNA [23andMe format but with 50M of variants, Whole exome sequencing (WES)]
  • Courtagen
  • Dante Labs (SNP VCF file)
  • DDC
  • Diagnomics
  • DNA.Land
  • Family Tree
  • Genes For Good
  • iGene
  • Illumina
  • Living DNA
  • Map My Genome
  • MyHeritage
  • Nebula Deep & Ultra Deep (SNP VCF file)
  • Nutrition Genome
  • Sequencing
  • Strategene
  • Your Genomic Resource

SelfDecode requires that you upload a raw DNA file. Please upload a .txt, .csv, .zip, .gz, or .vcf version of your raw data file. 

We may also support files from other test providers. If you do not see your DNA file provider, feel free to send your data file to support@selfdecode.com and we will assess its compatibility for you.

Please note that we cannot guarantee that a file from another service will be compatible with SelfDecode, even if it appears on this list. 

If you don't already have a DNA file, we offer DNA kits for an additional cost. Please note that a DNA kit is not included in your SelfDecode subscription unless you have purchased the Health Insights Plan or Premium Insights Plan. You can order a kit when you purchase a subscription or from your account dashboard. 

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