Can I Upload Another DNA File To My Account?

Due to the complex analysis we perform on your DNA file, we can only allow one genome file per account. We appreciate your interest in uploading another DNA file to SelfDecode, however we'd like to provide some information regarding our imputation process and its impact on the data you'll receive.

At SelfDecode, we utilize imputation technology to extract over 83 million variants from your DNA file. This process is highly accurate, boasting a 99.7% accuracy rate, surpassing the accuracy of DNA sequencing itself. As a result, uploading another DNA file would not provide you with additional data on our site.

You can learn more about this amazing technology here.

If you would still like to upload an additional genome file, you will need to create a new account using a new email address for that file. 

The only way to have multiple DNA files on a single account/login is with a professional subscription. You can read more about the SelfDecode Pro here

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