How To Ship Your Kit Back To Us

*Please read this before shipping your DNA sample back to us.*

We include all of the return shipping materials that you will need to return your DNA sample to our lab, including a prepaid return label. 

Here's what you need to know about shipping your sample back to us:

1. Once you have collected your sample, place your sample in the biohazard bag. 

2. Put the biohazard bag containing the sample into the SelfDecode box.

3. Put the entire box in the return envelope and seal the envelope. 

4. Schedule a pickup or drop your sample off with the correct courier. Please make sure you are sending the sample back with the correct courier. Unless you are shipping your sample back in the United States, your local post office is not the correct courier. If you are unsure, please email

Some Tips

We recommend that you record your tracking number so you can track your sample's journey to our lab. (You also should have received the tracking number in an email when your DNA kit shipped.)

United States orders are shipped back with the United States Post Office (USPS). Schedule a free USPS pickup here or drop the kit off at your local post office. 

If you are outside of the United States, please do not attempt to return your sample with your local post office. It will not be returned to us.

Canadian orders are shipped back with FedEx. Schedule a pickup here or drop your package off at a FedEx dropoff location.

Most other orders are shipped back with UPS. If you're not sure, please email and we will help you! Schedule a UPS pickup here or drop your package off at a UPS location.

If you want to use a different courier, you are welcome to purchase your own return label from them. Please email for the correct shipping address. 

Special Instructions

Canadian customs requires 5 copies of the commercial invoice (included in your kit) attached to the outside of the return package. Put it inside a clear pouch on the outside of the package before shipping it back to us. (If you forget, simply send us an email at and we will resolve this for you.)

Australian orders cannot be shipped back with Aus Post using the provided return label. Only UPS will be able to ship the package back to our lab using the return label that is provided inside your kit. If you want to use Aus Post to return your DNA kit, please contact and we will provide you with the correct address. If shipping your sample back with Aus Post, you will also want to choose the "tracked" shipping option. 

If the courier or customs requests any additional information or documentation from you, please email and we will be happy to provide it to you. 

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