How to Share Results with a Client

Your clients' results are provided in the form of Health Reports. Your clients don't have any access to SelfDecode, so the only results they will see are what you choose to share with them as a PDF. 

Here are the instructions:

1. Select the client on your My Clients page by clicking their name.

2. Select DNA > Health Reports.

3. Scroll down or search the report you want to generate a PDF of and select the downward-facing arrow in the right-hand corner of the report:

4. Confirm how you'd like your client's name to be displayed on their report:

5. Customize which sections to want to appear on the report. You can select the 'full' or 'simple' view for your recommendations, depending on how much detail you want in the report. Full View shows the complete details about the recommendation; Simple View shows just the header. You can also choose to only show lab results or risk assessments that are outside the optimal range:

Note: Clicking Save my preference will save your selections for next time. 

6. Customize which recommendations you want to appear on the page:

Note: You may notice some different recommendations here vs. in the actual report. We include all of the recommendations here so that you can pick and choose which ones are a good fit for your client. 

If you don't want to see a particular recommendation anymore on any reports, you can deselect the recommendation and then select Uncheck by default. This recommendation will automatically be deselected when you generate future PDFs:

7. Feel free to add any important notes which will appear on your client's results page:

8. If you have white labeling on your SelfDecode account, you'll be prompted to enter/confirm your information so that we can replace our branding with yours:

9. Select Generate PDF and allow a few moments for us to generate your client's report.

10. Click Download to save the report directly to your computer, or Copy Link to share it with your client via your preferred method of communication:

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