Bulk DNA Kit Orders

If you would like to keep a stock of DNA kits in your office to hand out to clients, you can bulk-order DNA kits. 

1. You can bulk order DNA kits on the My Clients page. Select Order DNA Kits. 

2. Then, select Bulk order:

3. You'll be prompted to select the number of DNA kits, and then you can enter your shipping address and pay for the order. 

*Please make note of the barcode on the sample tube and register their sample before or at the time of giving a bulk-ordered kit to your client. If your client submits their sample to our lab and the barcode is not recorded, we will have no way of identifying your clients' sample and they will need to purchase a new DNA kit. 

*You should also make note of the return tracking number used for each sample. Since you are provided with enough return labels to send each kit back individually, our Customer Support team has no way of knowing which return label was used for each sample and it will be difficult to assist you in the event that one of your clients' samples is delayed in the mail or stuck at customs. Many customers keep a spreadsheet with the client name, barcode, and return tracking number. 

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