How to Register DNA Kits for Clients

Please encourage your clients to register their own kits because this will help to ensure that all information is correct and matched with the right DNA kit.

Here is the DNA kit registration process:

1. Your client will receive their DNA kit in the mail or directly from you.
2. Your client should follow the instructions on their DNA kit and visit
3. Your client will enter the barcode on the sample collection tube and continue the registration form.
4. Results will automatically be uploaded to your professional dashboard once they are ready.

If you need to register a kit for your client, here are the instructions:

Registering a Kit for an Existing Client

("Existing client" refers to a client whose name is already on your My Clients page.)

Click the arrow beside the word Missing, next to the client's name. A drop down menu will appear:  

Select Register DNA Kit.

Enter their barcode and click Register:

Your client's DNA kit is now registered. Their results will appear on your dashboard when they are available! We will also email you to let you know our analysis is complete for that client.

Registering a Kit for a New Client (for Bulk DNA Kit orders)

("New Client" refers to a client whose name is not on your My Clients page yet.)

On your My Clients page, select Add Client: 

Create a profile for your client by filling out the required information.

Click Register DNA Kit:

Enter their barcode and click Register

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