How to Add Recommendations to a Client's Care Plan

You can add recommendations to a client's Care Plan from their Health Reports and lab results. There are instructions below. 

1. Select the client on your My Clients page by clicking their name.

2. Access their Health Reports by selecting DNA > Health Reports.

You can also navigate directly to the highest risk reports on their overview page by clicking View Report next to any of the reports under Genetic Risks.

3. Once you've opened the report that you want to add recommendations from, click Add to Care Plan next to any recommendation to add it to their care plan.

4. You can access their action plan by visiting their Overview Page and then selecting Care Plan from the navigation panel.

5. If you'd like to share their Action Plan, click Generate PDF

6. If you'd like to order supplements based on their Action Plan, click Custom Supplements from the Shop dropdown menu:

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