What is SelfDecode Labs?

SelfDecode Labs (formerly known as Lab Test Analyzer) is a service that allows you to upload lab test results from your doctor or our Lab Shop* and learn whether your markers are in the optimal range and offer recommendations to help you improve your markers. 

We created SelfDecode Labs because having your markers in the normal range doesn't mean they are optimal. The optimal range is the range that research has shown to be correlated with the lowest risk of death and illness. 

SelfDecode Labs brings together all the available information about lab tests from medical literature. Not only do we explain what the labs are, but we also explain to you the reasons why they’re ordered and what your results mean to you. In addition, you will also have a list of both natural and medical options to improve your health based on your lab results, which you can discuss implementing with your doctor.

More often than not, if you’re struggling with some health issues that the doctors cannot pinpoint, you may have normal but suboptimal results. Understanding which of your test results are suboptimal can often give you insights into what’s malfunctioning in your body, even when you don’t have a diagnosis yet. For several of our customers, these insights led them to become successful health detectives for themselves.

*The Lab Shop is only available in the United States. It's not available in AZ, NY, NJ, and RI. 

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