Genome vs. Genetics vs. Genomics

Genetics is the study of genes, how you inherit them from your parents, and how they influence you. Genetics can tell us why some people are colorblind, or why some people are born with diseases like sickle cell anemia.

But remember: you have a lot of genes and a lot of important non-coding DNA. Your genome is your complete set of DNA, including all your genes and non-coding DNA.

Genomics is the study of your genome and how it interacts with the environment and your lifestyle. Genomics can tell us why some people are more likely to get diabetes or cancer, or why some diets work better for you than others. 

SelfDecode is a genomics platform. We use your DNA to provide you with lifestyle, diet, and supplement recommendations that are likely to improve your health. However, we tend to use terms like “genes” and “genetics” in our reports because more people are familiar with them. 

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