How is SelfDecode Different?

SelfDecode’s expert science team is made up of medical doctors, research scientists, and AI developers all working together to revolutionize health in the 21st century.

By gathering all this expertise into one team, we are able to offer you access to the most comprehensive genetic models on the market. For example, our report on blood pressure looks at nearly 1 million genetic variants (SNPs)! For comparison, 23andMe’s blood pressure report only looks at 3,000 SNPs, and Nebula’s only looks at 31.

Our mission is to always stay on the cutting edge of science. Before releasing each new report, our research and development team tests out many different genetic models. Then we pick the best-performing one before offering it to you. We also constantly update our reports as better data becomes available. This ensures that you’re always getting the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Our approach combines the best of “big data,” private research, and personalized medicine. Some genetics companies rely on public research databases to create their reports. Other companies base their results purely on their own in-house research. At SelfDecode, our research and development team combines both of these approaches to make sure your results are as robust as possible. Our platform will even allow you to analyze your genes together with blood tests and other important health markers.

Our reports are built on the latest AI and machine learning technology. We developed a “Bayesian deep learning” algorithm for our genetic models. This is the same technology that companies like Uber are using to make driverless cars — along with countless other experts developing new technologies at places like Harvard and MIT.

We use the latest techniques in AI including Deep Learning, Bayesian Machine Learning, and Hyperdimensional Computing for imputation and our genetic models.

Your genetic data goes much further with SelfDecode. By using a technique called genetic imputation, our system turns the ~500,000 SNPs that most genotyping chips cover into data for over 83 million additional variants, all with an accuracy rate of 99.7%. This enables SelfDecode to analyze up to 70 times more of your genome than other companies can — which massively improves the accuracy of your genetic results!

We are also the only genetics company that uses your genetic data to give you personalized health recommendations. We don’t just tell you what your genes mean — we also use your genes to predict the best recommendations, tailored uniquely to you.

Our reports are comprehensive, but always easy to understand. You shouldn’t need a Ph.D. to understand your own genetics! Before releasing each new report, our writers use special software to measure exactly how “readable” our products are — and we don’t release any report until it gets higher readability scores than our competitors. This is how we ensure that each report is simple, clear, and easy to read — no matter who you are!

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