How can I refer friends and family?

Your requests for a smaller scale referral program did not go unheard -- we're thrilled to announce the launch of our Share and Earn program.

If you're already part of the SelfDecode family, you can now easily refer your friends and family members to jump on board. Not only will they score their own discounted subscriptions, but you'll also be reaping rewards for their sign-ups!

You'll earn $20 for every friend you bring into the SelfDecode family, and they will also get $20 off their own subscription.  We've made it very easy for you to get started.

Here’s how it works.

Step #1: Visit the SelfDecode Share and Earn Page.

Step #2: Enter your SelfDecode email and click the "Generate Your Link" button

Step #3: Your referral link will be instantly generated. All you need to do is click "Copy To Clipboard" and you’ll be able to share your link with all of your friends, family, and followers!

Once you generate your exclusive link, you will receive an email notification with directions on how to log in to our affiliate program, where you can track clicks and purchases from your referral link.

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