Preparing for Your Appointment

Here's what to do before your appointment. If you haven't scheduled one yet, you can learn how to do it here.

1. Please remember to bring a printed copy of your lab order when you visit Quest. This can be found within your SelfDecode account on this page. Your lab order will look like the image below. If you do not have this paperwork, please reach out to us before you go to Quest. 

2. Come Prepared

  • Wear a short-sleeve shirt or a shirt with sleeves that roll up easily.
  • Fasting or other may be required for some tests. You can find special instructions by searching for your lab test here
  • Fasting means do not eat or drink anything other than water 8-12 hours before your blood collection. 
  • You will not have to pay anything at the lab as everything has been paid for through SelfDecode. The Quest testing location will know this because our account number is on the lab order.  
  • When your results are ready, they will be uploaded to your SelfDecode account and we will email you to notify you of their arrival. 
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