How to Book an Appointment

So, you received your lab order requisition and you are now ready to get tested!

We recommend scheduling an appointment. Some Quest Diagnostics labs accept walk-ins, but many only take appointments.

Here are instructions for scheduling an appointment online:

1. Visit this URL -

2. Click Schedule An Appointment. 

3. Select your reason for visiting. In most cases, you can select All Other Tests.

4. Find a location near you by searching with your zip code. Then, select a date and time for your appointment.

5. Enter your contact details. We do not accept insurance, so please select I don't have insurance.

6. Confirm appointment by selecting Schedule Appointment.

7. You will be provided with a confirmation code and a QR code that can be scanned if the location that you are visiting accepts self-check-in. You may also print this by scrolling down the page. Please note that if you create an account with Quest, your results will NOT be posted there. Your results will be posted to your SelfDecode account.

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