Sending A DNA Kit To Your Client

As a professional member, you can order DNA test kits for your clients through your account. 

The kit will be shipped directly to your client. For information on ordering kits to keep in your office, click here.

1. On your My Clients page, select Order DNA Kits

2. Then, let us know if you've already created this client on your My Clients page:

If you already created the client's profile, simply select for Existing client, then select the client's name from the dropdown menu. 

If you haven't created a profile for your client yet, select for New client. Then, create a profile for your client by filling out the required information. 

3. Enter your client's shipping address for the kit. 

4. Complete payment for the kit. Remember, the purchase will be charged to your payment method on file, not your clients'. 

5. You'll receive an email with tracking information when your client's DNA kit ships. You may want to forward this email to your client so they can track the kit. 

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