How to Send a Lifestyle Assessment to a Client

Lifestyle Assessments are questionnaires that collect information about your client's lifestyle, environment, and medical history to assess their risk of different health conditions. 

Here are instructions for sending a Lifestyle Assessment to a client:

1. Select the client on your My Clients page by clicking their name.

2. Select Questionnaires > Lifestyle Analyzer.

3. Click anywhere on the lifestyle assessment tile to send the assessment to your client. 

4. Enter your client's email address and click Send. Your client will receive an email letting them know that they have an assessment to complete. Once they've completed it, you'll receive an email notifying you. 

How to View Lifestyle Analyzer Results

1. You can view a client's completed assessments by selecting the Complete tab on the Lifestyle Analyzer page.

2. Click anywhere on the lifestyle analyzer tile to see their results.

3. You'll be taken to an overview of their results. To see any actionable lifestyle factors, scroll down to the bottom of the overview page and click Let's look at your next steps. Any actionable lifestyle factors and related Health Reports will be shown on the next page. 

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