How to Create Custom Intake Forms

Watch a video here to learn how to create custom intake forms for your client. If you'd prefer written instructions, you can find some below!

1. Select Professional Tools > Intake Forms from the top of the screen.

2. Click Create Form

3. Create a title and intro message for your intake form. Then, click Create Form.

4. Click the + to add a question. Every time you want to add a question, you'll click this button.

5. Next, you'll create your first question by typing your question into the text box. Decide whether you want your question to be open-ended (a text box that your clients can type into) or multiple-choice (your clients will have set items to choose from). In this example, we're going to create a multiple-choice question first.

6. Click Add Answer to add your first multiple-choice answer. Checking Allow multiple answers will allow your clients to choose multiple answers; please uncheck that box if you only want them to be able to pick one.

7. Then, type your first answer in the text box (the one that says "Option 1" in the image below). 

8. Repeat steps 6-7 until you have all of the answers you want to include. 

9. Select Add text field if you want to give them the option to type in an answer. Perhaps their favorite vegetable is brussels sprouts, for example. You can label the text field or just leave it as "other".

10. Select Add question. Repeat this process for as many questions as you'd like. 

11. Next, we'll show you how to create a follow-up question. Start by clicking the + to add a question.

12. Type your question in the text box just like you did in step 5. This time, we'll select the checkbox next to "This is a follow up question". You'll be able to decide when this question appears using the dropdown menus below. You can also choose whether it'll be open-ended or multiple-choice. 

In this example, we decided to make the question multiple choice so the questionnaire-taker could type a few lines about why they love carrots. 

13. Click Add Question and you're done! Repeat as many times as necessary until you're happy with your custom intake form.

You can always delete or edit questions by clicking the icons under Actions.

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