Why is a saliva sample requested? Is it accurate?

AYUMETRIX uses the most advanced testing technologies and FDA-approved kits, which offer accuracy, validity and convenience over conventional blood tests for the following reasons:

  • Stress-free
  • Noninvasive (no needles)
  • More convenient than blood testing for the health care providers and patient
  • Measures the “unbound” biologically active or free hormone levels
  • Ideal for measuring and accurately monitoring the transdermal application of hormones
  • Optimized for multiple collections any time of day/month, any place
  • No special processing (eg, centrifugation, ice-packs) prior to shipment
  • Hormones stable in saliva for weeks
  • Ideal for evaluating cortisol secretion patterns, and the balance and flow of estrogens and progesterone.
  • Salivary estriol can be tested to identify women at risk for preterm labor: It spikes approximately two weeks prior to the onset of labor
  • Convenient shipment
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