How to Register Bulk-Ordered Kits

Registering bulk-ordered DNA kits is very important. Please make note of the barcode on the sample tube and register their sample before or at the time of giving a bulk-ordered kit to your client. If your client submits their sample to our lab and the barcode is not recorded, we will have no way of identifying your client's sample and they will need to purchase a new DNA kit.

1. On your My Clients page, select Add Client

2. Create a profile for your client by filling out the required information. 

3. Click Register DNA Kit:

4. Enter their barcode and click Register.

If you run into any issues with registering a kit, please email It's better to email us because if the kit is sent in without being registered, we have no way of knowing who the sample belongs to and your client will not get their results. 

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