How to Print Your Lab Results

1. Visit the My Results page. You can navigate to this page by selecting Labs > My Results from the top of the screen.

2. Click Generate PDF.

3. Choose which results you want to include.

You can customize Result Ranges. Selecting All will generate a PDF with all of your markers and selecting Out of Optimum will only include lab results that are out of the optimal range.

You can also customize Results Inputs. Selecting All will generate a PDF with all of your markers and selecting Latest Results will only include the latest results. 

4. Choose the sections you want to include. Clicking Save my preference will save your selections for next time. 

Selecting Full or Simple View for the Recommendations. Full View shows the complete details about the recommendation; Simple View shows just the header. 

5. Choose the recommendations you want to print. Deselecting the checkbox next to the recommendation will remove it from your PDF

6. Add notes if you would like and then click Generate PDF.

7. Wait a few moments for your PDF to generate. 

8. Click Download PDF. Your PDF will download to your computer. 

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