How to Upload Labs

These are instructions for uploading your lab results (blood, urine, and saliva markers) to your SelfDecode account. Please see this page to learn how to upload a DNA file to your account. Our Lab Analyzer does not take DNA files.

1. While logged in to your SelfDecode account, visit the Input Labs page by selecting Labs > Input Labs from the top of the screen. 

2. Decide how you will upload your labs. You have 2 options.  You can either upload a PDF or you can enter the results manually.

Uploading a PDF

a. Select Browse and choose the file from your computer or drag and drop the file into the box.

b. Click Upload My Results and wait for the visual uploader (OCR) to "read" the document.

c. Review your lab results. Please note that the OCR is a tool that we provide so that you don't have to enter all of your markers manually. It's not always perfect, so we recommend taking a minute to review the results and fill in any missing data. 

You can also edit the dates on this page. 

d. Click Analyze Markers

e. You will be automatically taken to the My Results page (Labs > My Results from the top of the screen).

From here, you can generate a PDF of your lab results by clicking Generate PDF. You can also read more about what your markers mean by clicking the name of the markers in blue. 

Uploading Results Manually

a. Type in the name of the lab marker and select the correct option from the list that appears below the text box. Then, fill in the value and select the correct units and test date.

To change the dates in bulk (if entering many results at once), select the blue line in the header: ccaadfa896832c95af0b90759b9f406d.png

b. Click  Analyze Markers

c. You will be automatically taken to the My Results page (Labs > My Results from the top of the screen).

The OCR is a tool that we provide to hopefully save time, but we cannot guarantee its compatibility with different lab formats and languages. It's actually a relatively new tool and up until recently, all markers had to be entered manually. If your labs are not accepted by the OCR, you're welcome to email your labs to and we'll have someone upload them for you within 3-5 business days. If you need them faster, you can upload your markers manually. 

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