How to Upload a DNA File to 2.0 from Legacy

Your clients' DNA files that were on Legacy were not automatically transferred to the 2.0 site for data security purposes. 

Here are instructions for uploading your clients' DNA files to 2.0:

1. First, you will need to obtain the raw DNA file for your client from the Legacy dashboard. You can access the Legacy dashboard by selecting the word Legacy at the top of the screen:

2. You can download the raw data file by scrolling down the page to the My Clients section.

You will see a download button to the right of your client's name. If you click this, it will download their raw data file:


3. Next, head back to your 2.0 My Clients dashboard by selecting 2.0 at the top of the screen:

4. On the My Clients page, select Add Client

5. Fill out this form. Then, select Create Client

6. Select Upload DNA File.

7. Select their DNA file from your computer by clicking Browse, then select the DNA file provider from the dropdown menu. Click Upload File.

8. Wait a few moments for their file to upload and then click Okay.

While their DNA file is scanning, you'll see the word Scanning beside their name on your My Clients page. 

The scan typically takes no more than a couple of hours, and then you will notice that the word has updated to Active.

Once their file is Active, you'll be able to view their new 2.0 Health Reports! You can view their reports by selecting DNA > Health Reports from the navigation panel.  

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